Different Knowings Video Series

While the university is commonly understood to be a place where different knowledge systems enter into dialogue and debate, the institutional structures of the university tend to acculturate and conscript different kinds of knowledge into their own existing categories for what can be known, how knowledge can be organized, and what forms of knowledge are legitimate and credible.

The Different Knowings Speakers Series addresses the questions of if and how the university can be a place of different knowings — different epistemologies, different knowledges.

Deyohahá:ge: The Indigenous Knowledge Centre

The Indigenous Knowledge Centre at Six Nations Polytechnic is more than a comprehensive catalogued repository of Hodinohso:ni materials; it is a place that connects the past and the future and bridges the gap between Indigenous and Western knowledge.

The goals of the Indigenous Knowledge Centre take learners and scholars along Two Roads, or parallel paths of thinking, both of which offer people tools, strategies, and perspectives upon which a future can be built. Deyohahá:ge (Two Roads): is dedicated to bringing together two streams of consciousness – the ancestral Indigenous knowledge with the best of modern academic knowledge – in order to advance the overall well-being of all peoples.