6-Minute Memoir Book Project

6-Minute Memoir is a live storytelling event series featuring stories told by Hamilton residents facilitated by author Anne Bokma. For the 10th anniversary of the series, Anne is compiling an anthology of these stories. The plan is to publish the edited anthology in 2022 featuring 80 stories. The stories are by local writers from the Hamilton area.

Hamilton Arts and Letters issues: 13.1 The World Out There, 13.2 No Longer Still in the Land, and 14.1 The Hammer

Hamilton Arts and Letters features three new issues this year:

Art in Hard Times: The Mural Project

Art in Hard Times is a new, community-engaged, art project that uses visual art and digital platforms to engage and support a cross-section of Guelph and area residents virtually in the wake of the current COVID-19 global pandemic. Developed and delivered by Art Not Shame, with outreach and participation supported through partnerships with the Guelph Neighbourhood Support Coalition and Guelph Community Health Centre, the project is facilitated by mural artist and Art Not Shame collaborator Melanie Schambach. Art in Hard Times is a co-creative, virtual mural, designed to build community, bridge diverse experiences, decrease isolation, and imagine alternative futures together during this time. You can view the mural here: https://artnotshame.org/the-mural-project.

You can also view the mural and click on details to read more about the artists: https://lolaschambach.wixsite.com/artinhardtimes.