What are the habits, histories and narratives by which we place our attention? How, in turn, does the world around us emplace and shape our attention in subtle and crucial ways? In being sensitive to their everyday surroundings, artists and writers play a key role in shaping and responding to place.

Simon Orpana and Matt McInnes launched their broadsheet on the ways art both helps shape, and is shaped by, our sense of place. The first installment of the broadsheet features artwork by David Collier, James Collier, Calla Churchward, Simon Orpana, and poems by Darrell Epp and Calla Churchward. Simon Orpana and Matt McInnes assembled the broadsheet and organized the first Placing Attention Long Table. The Long Table and broadsheet are the first of each in the themed series.

Read the first Placing Attention by clicking the link below!