Placing Attention Broadsheet

Simon Orpana and Matt McInnes launched their broadsheet on the ways art both helps shape, and is shaped by, our sense of place. The first installment of the broadsheet features artwork by David Collier, James Collier, Calla Churchward, Simon Orpana, and poems by Darrell Epp and Calla Churchward. Simon Orpana and Matt McInnes assembled the broadsheet and organized the first Placing Attention Long Table. The Long Table and broadsheet are the first of each in the themed series.

Art Not Shame Short Films

Jeremy Hannah with Michelle Peek of Art Not Shame made three short films to tell the stories of Art Not Shame participants. Art Not Shame exists to support people with mental health challenges through collaborative art making.

Agile Films Collective: Witches Bitches trailer

Peter Cockett (McMaster) of Agile Films Collective coordinated the film training of a group of McMaster students on a web series entitled Witches Bitches. CCENA supported the making of a trailer for the project featuring queer and youth of colour students as part of their film-making internship.

Hamilton Tenant Solidarity Network Newsletter

CCENA supported the Hamilton Tenant Solidarity Network’s (HTSN) first newsletter. The goal of this newsletter is to share the stories of working-class tenants in Hamilton and offer inspiration for the collective struggle for better conditions in their homes and lives. Click the above links to visit the HTSN website and read the newsletter.

10th Anniversary Issues of Hamilton Arts & Letters

In celebration of the Hamilton Arts & Letters’ 10th year, the magazine launched a series of special issues, primary among them featuring an exchange between disabled poets in New Brunswick and Hamilton.

To read more about the issues, click the link above.
You can read the issues themselves on the Hamilton Arts & Letters website.

Spare Time? Reading Group

CCENA supported the making of Bahktinian Fridge Magnets to feature the reading group’s work at a conference.

Stories from Hamilton

Stories from Hamilton is a community arts storytelling project facilitated by Lisa Pijuan-Nomura. Through workshops and storytelling sessions, participants learned how to research local history, develop, and tell their stories. Lisa wanted to develop a project of listening to stories of people in places wherein stories were ways to build bridges between community members. Stories from Hamilton connected community members to professional storytellers.

The project was developed in partnership with the Central Neighbourhood Association and the Worker Arts and Heritage Centre. It began at 541 Barton, made up of a handful of components: public workshops, story gathering, and story jams. The focus of the project at 541 Barton was on developing relationships in the neighbourhood and hearing people’s storise. The project eventually moved to Barton Branch of the Hamilton Public Library where Lisa hosted a series of workshops with community members and professional storytellers. The workshops engaged participants in practices for uncovering one’s stories, connecting them to archives and place, and telling or sharing stories. Lisa also has ideas for how to develop the project in the future.

You can learn more about Lisa Pijuan-Nomura’s work and creative practice on her website Studio Beulah.