Hamilton Arts & Letters present Defy the Silence, Poems by Rasha Omran

Imagine, in your country, half the population in exile, displaced, or dead. Imagine thousands arrested, tortured, and lost in prisons in your country. Imagine you now live in exile and people are still fleeing and dying in your country.

The poems selected for this online book are part of Rasha’s ongoing resistance to the silencing and erasure of Syria.

“Rasha Omran is one of Syria’s most well-known poets, intellectuals, and reform advocates.” —Cairo Literature Festival Program

CLICK HERE TO READ Defy the Silence, poems in three languages: a collaboration between Rasha Omran and Abdelrehim Youssef, Kim Echlin and Monica Pareschi. CCENA contributed to the production of this work, and friends of CCENA, Kim Echlin, Paul Lisson, and Fiona Kinsella, have been involved in all stages of this project.

Edited by Kim Echlin

Book design by Fiona Kinsella and Paul Lisson
Notes on the Syrian textiles by Roxane Shaughnessy