Agile Films Collective

Agile Films Collective, facilitated by Peter Cockett, provides youth opportunities to develop skills in film-making. Peter and three participants in the collective (Jamie, Khalil, and Claudia), spoke about their current project and the process of collaborative film-making. Peter outlined the purposes of the project–to help people without access to get access to telling their stories and get in front of the camera–and the youth talked about their learning process. Finally, they showed seven minutes from their film–the product of their work and creative energy!

Hamilton Tenants Solidarity Network

Representatives of Hamilton Tenants Solidarity Network (HTSN) spoke about the tenancy situation in Hamilton and the Stoney Creek tenants strike. Bjarke and Emily of HTSN shared some troubling stats on gentrification in Hamilton and background to the strike. They also talked about the mandate of HTSN and shared their newsletter, which received support from CCENA. HTSN exists to provide resources and support for tenants and facilitate a network so tenants can connect and organize. Several rent strikers from the Stoney Creek Towers were present at the long table, and they shared their stories from the newsletter about the impacts of the housing situation, advocating for themselves, and working in solidarity with one another. For stories and updates, check out the HTSN website where you can read the newsletter:

Bjarke introduces the HTSN newsletter and its goals.
Bjarke and Emily discuss gentrification processes affecting tenants in Hamilton.
Cam from the Stoney Creek Towers tells his story.
From left to right: George (Stoney Creek Towers), Cassandra (HTSN), Linda (SCT), Vet (SCT), Lilia (SCT), Sareth (SCT), and Cam (SCT).
George describes his experiences of speaking to the Landlord and Tenant Board.