CCENA hosts Long Tables throughout the year, featuring presentations from community narrative artists in and around Hamilton. For our meetings we wish to create a kind of “anti-lectern” effect that extends hospitality, enacts mutuality, and allows knowledges to flow multidirectionally. The term “Long Table” has a distinguished feminist genealogy. Lois Weaver, the prominent American queer feminist dramatist, activist, and cofounder of the influential Split Britches lesbian theatre collective, coined the term in 2003 to describe a meeting that combines theatricality and public engagement. While our Long Tables are less consciously theatrical, they also seek to transform the experts’ panel into the dinner table conversation, and over food and drink we have experienced illuminating moments when the presenter/listener dynamic has been reconfigured. 

Fittingly, the word cena means dinner in both Spanish and Italian. In this spirit, CCENA invites you to bring your creativity and ideas to the table!

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