February 27

  • Sarah Roger, Paul Barrett, and Jeremy Haynes: Digitally Reading Canada Reads 

Sarah, Paul, and Jeremy delivered a an update on their current project which examines the impact of CBC’s Canada Reads program on a wide public’s reading habits by tracking online blogs, book sales, book clubs, reviews, and other big data sources.

Background made up of Canada Reads winners

(Left to Right): Paul, Sarah, and Jeremy discuss the 2018 season








  • Margaret Flood: Something Round

Artist and photographer Margaret Flood discussed her art project in which asked people on the Bruce Trail in Hamilton to give her a round object they found, plus a little story about the object or the trail. She will spoke about the exhibitions she assembled from the impromptu community that gave her objects. Her first exhibition of this project was at the Assembly this past summer, and a second is upcoming at the Hamilton Public Library.

Margaret Flood describes her process