Past Events CCENA 2016- 2017 Season

February 2017 

Kaitlin Debicki, Randy Kay, and John Terpstra: “Stories of the ‘More-than-human’ World”

March 2017

CCENA Community, Advisory, and Directorate: “Spring Symposium”

Past Events CCENA 2017- 2018 Season

November 2017

Simon Orpana and Rob Kristofferson: “Visual Narratives, Creating and Creation Stories”

January 2018

Simon Orpana, Matt McInnes, & Friends: “The Brightside Project”

Klyde Broox: “Inventing the Performance Essay I”

February 2018

Sarah Roger, Paul Barrett, and Jeremy Haynes: “Digitally Reading Canada Reads

Margaret Flood: Something Round

March 6, 2018

Gord Tulloch, Nadia Duguay, and Sarah Schulman: “Art, Philosophy, and Community-Based Innovation”

April 24, 2018

Klyde Broox: “Performance Essay II”

Emerging Poets of Hamilton: Ode to My Postal Code