A 2016-2017 issues of Hamilton Arts & Letters (HAL) was dedicated to the work and impact of Cees and Annerie van Gemerden. The issue features diverse responses to their art, activism, and legacy, along with a biographical essay featuring photographs by Cees. In this introductory essay, David Froese writes: “We need the work of Cees and Annerie, and the artists of James Street North then and the artists now to give us a way to remember, and to help us move forward wisely as a community during this time of great change. An image, as we have seen many times throughout history, has tremendous power to create communities, give them direction, and hold them together in common cause.”

You can read the issue and see the images on the HAL website: https://samizdatpress.typepad.com/hal_magazine_issue_nine2/hal-magazine-issue-nine2-cover-index.html.